Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar Alleges Rahul Gandhi of Disparaging India Abroad

Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar Alleges Rahul Gandhi of Disparaging India Abroad

On Thursday, Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar criticized a Congress leader, without taking the name, for making “anti-India” remarks while abroad. Dhankhar called the comments ironic and painful.

He urged the country to rise above such “destructive, divisive, and dangerous discourse.” He said this book should remind the citizens of “our rich heritage, of our civilizational values, of the principles of truth, righteousness, peace, and harmony.”

He stated that while India is currently experiencing a period of exceptional achievement as the G20 President, there are some individuals abroad who are ceaselessly attempting to discredit the nation.

“Such misplaced campaign mode to taint and tarnish our Parliament and constitutional entities are too serious and exceptional to be ignored or countenanced. No political strategy or partisan stance can justify compromising our nationalism and democratic values,” the Vice President stated.

Dhankhar declared that he would violate the Constitution if he did not speak out against this ill-founded, unhealthy, and motivated attempt to orchestrate a misadventure by a Member of Parliament outside the country.

The Indian Parliament has taken steps to ensure that microphones are turned off, demonstrating the maturity of the Indian democratic polity and making it clear that the dark chapter of the Proclamation of Emergency will never be repeated.

“Anyone who claims mics were cut off in Parliament after a 50-minute speech must be exposed and neutralized,” urged the Prime Minister. He called upon the intelligentsia, media, and youth to rise to the occasion and protect our democratic values.

Dhankhar urged people not to let those who wish to impede our rising growth spread a narrative that could take hold.

“I preside over the Rajya Sabha, let someone come forward and say mics were put off,” he said.

Dhankar emphasized that India has the most comprehensive freedom of expression, as guaranteed by the Constitution, and that no other democracy in the world can come close to matching it. He pointed out the impressive speed with which India’s judiciary operates, noting that it comprises some of the most brilliant minds in the world.

Rahul Gandhi addressed MBA students at Cambridge Judge Business School on the current state of ‘Learning to Listen in the 21st Century’. He spoke of the ‘constant pressure’ on opposition parties due to numerous cases filed by the BJP government. He highlighted the attack on Indian democracy and the institutions that form its foundation – Parliament, free press, and judiciary. He concluded by underlining the attack on the basic structure of democracy.


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