Today’s NCP Meeting to Decide Next Leader After Pawar’s Resignation

Today’s NCP Meeting to Decide Next Leader After Pawar’s Resignation

On Tuesday, Pawar declared his unexpected move to resign as NCP’s party chief. The 18-member committee formed by Chief Sharad Pawar will convene a meeting on Friday to determine the new national president of the party.

Speculations have arisen that the panel may urge Sharad Pawar to reconsider his decision about resignation. However, it is very unexpected that the veteran politician will heed the advice. On Thursday, he made it clear that he was resigning from his position in order to clear the way for new leadership and to secure the future of the political party.

According to NCP President Jayant Patil, despite the suggestion of a working president to help Sharad Pawar with routine work. Pawar is determined in his decision.

Patil told a news agency, “I shared with him the sentiments of everyone I met over the last two days. As the Maharashtra president, I am worried about the next elections. I also believe if Pawar Saheb continues in his position, there will be justice for all.”

Reports have surfaced that Supriya Sule, daughter of Sharad Pawar, may take up the role of working president. Sule, the Member of Parliament from Baramati, could become the national head of the party, while Ajit Pawar would be in charge of the Maharashtra unit.

It is thought that the control of the NCP will remain with the Pawar family, as appointing someone from the outside may lead to conflict and struggle for power within the party.

Sule, a three-term LS MP, was praised by these leaders for her effectiveness as a parliamentarian and her contacts with leaders of parties across the political spectrum. Additionally, Ajit Pawar is widely respected for his excellent control of the state unit and his administrative skills.

In addition, it was noted that Ajit Pawar had recently expressed his ambition to become the Chief Minister, whereas Sule had always maintained her interest in national politics.


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