TN Assembly Passes Resolution Criticizing Governor for Stalling Bills

TN Assembly Passes Resolution Criticizing Governor for Stalling Bills

On Monday, Tamil Nadu Assembly passed a resolution asking the center and President to establish a timeline for state governors to clear the bills passed by it, displaying mounting disagreement between the DMK government and governor R N Ravi.

M K Stalin, the CM who presented the resolution, harshly criticized Ravi and asserted him of being more loyal to the leadership of the Bharatiya Janata Party than to the Constitution of India.

“I will not say that the governor doesn’t know the Constitution. But his political allegiance has swallowed his loyalty to the Constitution,” Stalin stated and warned that if the governor endures mocking his government, he will not remain idle.

Stalin declared that, for the second time this year, he had been forced to move a resolution against Ravi, noting that the Sarkaria Commission had declared that a governor should be a detached individual.

The chief minister accused Ravi of intentionally speaking against the state government. He said governors should engage in healthy discussions with the government but not discuss administrative issues in public. He claimed the governor was going beyond his position and speaking like a politician, belittling the government’s policies, the feelings of Tamils, and the bills adopted by the house.

“He has the habit of not only speaking against the government but also withholding the bills sent to him for assent,” he said.

He also stated, “I don’t wish to convert the TN legislative assembly into a political arena and reply in detail. But at the same time, I will not remain silent if he continues to heap accusations against the government”.

“This august house records with deep regret the action of the hon’ble governor of Tamil Nadu in indefinitely withholding many bills without giving permission, passed by the legislative assembly — on the basis of its sovereignty and the legislative responsibilities enshrined in the Constitution of India — thereby functioning against the welfare of the people of Tamil Nadu,” in the nonappearance of the opposition AIADMK, the resolution was approved by DMK leaders.

When the resolution was moved, the AIADMK, the Opposition party, was absent as they had already left the Assembly previously due to another issue. Meanwhile, the BJP members left the Assembly in protest of the Governor.


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