Some People in Congress Have Become ‘Seasonal Hindu’ Says Defense Minister

Some People in Congress Have Become ‘Seasonal Hindu’ Says Defense Minister

At a ‘Kisan Kalyan Mahakumbh’ in Rajgarh, the Defence Minister of India, Rajnath Singh, comments on the act of the Congress Leader, Priyanka Gandhi of offering prayers to Narmada river, the lifeline of Madhya Pradesh.

He said, “Some people in the Congress have become what I call  ‘seasonal Hindu’. I want to ask them why they did not remember Narmada ji before. Why are you remembering Narmada ji now?”

He remarks that the Congress leader is doing so just for political gain, and they are trying to ‘hoodwink’ the public by promising the “five guarantees” if they come to power in Madhya Pradesh. 

Rajnath Singh, the defense minister and senior BJP leader, stated that the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shivraj Singh Chouhan was the one who declared the Narmada River a living entity. He added, “Now they are carrying Hanuman Ji’s mace in their meetings and their events. Earlier they were wary of taking of Ram Ji and Hanuman JI”. 

The assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh are scheduled this year, due to which the Congress is doing so, he said. The defense minister claimed, “To hoodwink the public, the Congress is taking about five guarantees. When Kamal Nath Ji’s government was there, many announcements were made, but none of them were fulfilled. Now Congress is talking about guarantees again”.

In short, the senior BJP leader is accusing Congress to have always made promises but has never fulfilled them, but BJP always fulfills what they promise. He said, “It was because of the difference in words and deeds of our politicians that a crisis of credibility emerged in Indian politics. But Prime Minister Narendra Modi and all the BJP-ruled states ensure that they fulfilled all the promises made to the people”.

Singh praised the work done by Shivraj Chouhan and said, “Looking at the work done by Shivraj Singh Chouhan and the confidence displayed by the crowd I can with certainty say that we will again form the government with more seats this time”.

He also praised the farmers for their hard work and described them as “Annadaata” and “Jeevandaata”. Singh said’ “Some people say that our Kisan is “Annadaata”, some say our Kisan is “Jeevandaata”. But I say that our Kisan is true “Annadaata” and “Jeevandaata” but along with it our Kisan is our “Bhagyavidhata” also”. He added, “If we want to make India a powerful country, it is not possible without empowering our farmers”.


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