Role of Social Media in Indian Politics

Know how Indian politicians are using social media strategy

The political environment has changed a lot in the last couple of decades. And the internet has played a very crucial role in this evolution. Mainly, social media is now a significant factor in political campaigns. Nowadays, no campaign manager will ignore social media.

Social media is an excellent tool for advertising, not only for individuals but also for promoting political organizations. People can acquire knowledge of numerous political organizations through social media. These organizations can also convey their messages through various platforms and raise awareness of political and social issues.

In this blog, we will discuss the importance of social media in politics and how they use social media strategies to achieve their goals.

Importance of Social Media for Indian Politics

Social networking websites give voices to ordinary people. The significant growth of social media is due to the youth as they dedicate most of their time to these platforms. Everyone, including political parties, is very well aware of the fact and makes efforts to influence the new generation.

The politicians and parties started using social media for communication and campaigning purposes to influence the voters, saving their time, resources, and money and giving them a large audience for interaction.

Political campaigns are now not just limited to banners and buttons for politicians to reach their voters. The current political arena is full of advertisements, tweets, blog posts, Facebook and Instagram posts, and many more.

Leaders can now convey their messages through numerous commercials and gauge their audience connection by viewing direct responses to their actions on social media platforms.

By reading this, you know the relationship between politics and social platforms. In the following part, we will discuss more about how social media is helping political leaders and their alliances.

Let’s begin.

How are Political Representatives Using Social Media?

With the growth of the internet, more activities are being conducted online, and Indian politics is no exception. They are using the web to deliver their messages, establishing their blog post pages for their voters and viewers.

Listed pointers are the activities done by parties on social media:

  1. Advertising- In social media, political ads have become one of the most contentious topics in politics due to the lack of legal framework. However, most campaigns and party candidates spend large sums of money on advertising. Promotion and advertising on social media help campaigns to know the target groups of voters.
  2. Fundraising- Parties and their movements raise campaign contributions and resources on social media.   
  3. Communicating and informing – Communicating with voters and providing the information is the center of every political social media strategy. They try to update their feed about speeches, rallies, changes in society, etc., regularly.

By creating an existence on social platforms, politicians have a great chance to help shape their public relations. It’s essential that political leaders, regardless of their party, make their stance on issues known by users of social media because social networks are a mainstream location for political discussion.

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