Reservation System Without Rostering is Ineffective: Meghalaya CM

Reservation System Without Rostering is Ineffective: Meghalaya CM

On Thursday, Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma declared that a roster system must be implemented in order for any reservation policy to be meaningful. He made this proclamation while informing the constituents of his ruling coalition about the roster system.

“The meeting today was a very thorough one, with every coalition partner present discussing the roster,” said Conrad Sangma, after it had concluded. He underscored the importance of having a roster when it comes to making reservations within a group, saying that without one, it would be “meaningless”.

The Meghalaya Democratic Alliance government stated that it will be addressing the concerns of all MLAs in the ruling party by meeting with the leaders of all political parties on Friday. The gathering will feature a presentation on the roster adopted by the government.

The Voice of People’s Party (VPP), which holds four MLA seats in the opposition, has been advocating that the current reservation policy should be changed. They believe it should be revised due to the fact that the Khasis population – made up of the Jaintias, Wars, Bhois, and Lyngngams subtribes – is larger than the Garos.

The VPP reported that the Khasi population of the region is estimated to be more than sixteen lahks, whereas the Garos have a population count lower than ten lahks. The VPP president Ardent Basaiawmoit stated, “We want the government to address this injustice without denying anyone’s rights.”

On Friday, the political party organized a demonstration near the secretariat to urge the government to take action. Many people attended the demonstration Wednesday that was also arranged by the same political party.


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