Rajasthan BJP Chief Declares No Room for a Third Political Party

Rajasthan BJP Chief Declares No Room for a Third Political Party

On Sunday, Dr Satish Poonia, President of the Bhartiya Janata Party in Rajasthan, announced that there is no room for a third political party or front in the state apart from the Congress and BJP.

Satish Poonia declared that Arvind Kejriwal and Bhagwat Mann’s tour of Rajasthan would be unsuccessful, despite their right to express their ideas and agenda.

While interacting with a news agency, Satish Poonia said, “There are more than 700 political parties registered in the country. Every party has a right to express its ideology, but from Kashmir to Kanyakumari you can see the after 90’s politics in the states of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan have been bipolar. They can come and express their agenda here but it is evident that there is no space for the third front or any agenda in these states”.

He declared that it would be difficult for Aam Aadmi Party to gain traction in Rajasthan, as the public there is particularly engaged in matters of national significance.

“Arvind Kejriwal has miserably failed in Delhi and Punjab. He won’t get another chance in Rajasthan as the public of Rajasthan votes for issues of national importance and are always ready to stand with the nation,” he said.

Dr Poonia expressed that Sachin Pilot had become irrelevant in Congress and would be unable to provide any meaningful resolution for the widows of Pulwama’s heroes.

Sachin Pilot may be touting a dialogue and meetings to champion the cause of Veeranganas, but his party’s lack of involvement is a sore point. He has even gone so far as to suggest that he could arrange a meeting between the Veeranganas and the Gandhi family. While Gandhi needs to connect with the Veeranganas, it is doubtful that even Rahul Gandhi would have the capacity to provide a solution.

For several days, the widows of brave soldiers lost in the devastating Pulwama attack have been standing in a ‘Dharna’ in Jaipur, hoping for a meeting with Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot to discuss their demands. Their strength and courage have been an inspiration to all.


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