Political Parties in Karnataka Utilize ‘Cooker Politics’ to Attract Voters

Political Parties in Karnataka Utilize 'Cooker Politics' to Attract Voters

As the upcoming Karnataka Assembly elections draw closer, both the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Opposition Congress have started a campaign to win the hearts of the people in the state. As part of their charm offensive, they are gifting pressure cookers to the people.

BJP MLA Aravind Limbavali and his Congress counterpart Ramalinga Reddy were spotted distributing pressure cookers for free to electorates in their respective constituencies on Sunday.

The cookers were decorated with symbols and pictures of the two political parties, as well as the images of their respective leaders.

Several political parties, including the incumbent BJP, have launched various initiatives to gain favor with the voting public before the critical Assembly elections.

The BJP, according to sources, has put its focus on strengthening and restructuring its booth committees as he bids to return to the hustings again.

As was articulated by Union Home Minister Amit Shah during a recent campaign visit to the state, the BJP considers Karnataka as the party’s ‘gateway to the South’.

Further, underlining the importance that the party is according to the southern state in the run-up to the polls, the BJP has entrusted Union minister Dharmendra Pradhan with the task of shaping the party’s campaign strategy for the elections.

Pradhan, who was also the party’s campaign in-charge for the Uttar Pradesh Assembly polls, was credited to have strategised the return of the Yogi Adityanath government in the state for a second straight term.

Apart from Pradhan, the BJP has also made the party’s Tamil Nadu chief K Annamalai as its Kanarataka campaign co-in-charge.

The elections for the Assembly are planned to take place in April-May of this year.

Last month, during his visit to Karnataka, Prime Minister Narendra Modi conducted a roadshow in Hubli which marked the commencement of the election campaign for the state. This electoral battle is of great importance to the southern state.


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