Political Dispute between IPS Officers in Bihar Escalates

Political Dispute between IPS Officers in Bihar Escalates

On Friday, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar publicly scolded IGP Vikas Vaibhav for criticizing his superiors, escalating the spat between two senior IPS officers in the Bihar government to a political level. Opposition politicians showed their support for Vaibhav, who has accused his superior of not attending a meeting and being involved in corruption.

Vaibhav, a 2003-batch IPS officer, caused a stir when he claimed that his supervisor, DGP Shobha Ohatkar, had been routinely using foul language against him. He took to Twitter to express his grievances, yet the post was quickly removed.

Nitish was highly dissatisfied with Vaibhav’s decision to go to Twitter to vent his frustration, which is against the regulations. He asked the officers to investigate the issue and inform him of the result. “Tweeting (problems) is not the job of officials. If anyone has any problem, they better inform the department or seniors,” he said.

On Friday, Vaibhav received a showcause notice from DGP Ohatkar and was publicly reprimanded by CM Nitish. Despite this, he took to Twitter once more and posted a message which read, “Sometimes even a serpent can become a friend, but an evil person can never be made a friend,” without naming anyone.

Upendra Kushwaha, a rebel member of the JD(U), has expressed his discontentment with the actions of Ohatkar. Kushwaha believes that it is not reasonable for anyone, no matter their position of power, to verbally abuse their subordinates and stressed that this behavior should not be tolerated. Rajesh Ranjan, better known as Pappu Yadav, also commented on the situation, making sure to note that even though Ohatkar is a female officer, she should still stay within her prescribed limits.


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