PM Modi Takes Jab at Opponents for Parliament Dispute, Cites Australia’s ‘Power of Democracy’

PM Modi Takes Jab at Opponents for Parliament Dispute, Cites Australia's 'Power of Democracy'

On Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was given a mellow welcome by BJP workers and supporters, upon his return to India from a three-nation tour, who had gathered to greet him at Palam airport in New Delhi. Addressing the public, Modi took a veiled dig at the Opposition for boycotting the inauguration of the new Parliament building.

The PM remarked at the gathering that the Indian diaspora event in Sydney was attended not only by present Australian PM Anthony Albanese but also by the nation’s ex-PM, and MPs from both the ruling and opposition parties. “This is the strength of democracy. All of them together participated in this program of the Indian community, ” In an apparent jibe at the Opposition in India, Modi declared that the Prime Minister would be inaugurating the new Parliament building, despite the boycott announcement made by them.

He also said, “All the leaders I met and all the personalities I spoke to have been so mesmerised and appreciative of India holding the G20 presidency so excellently. This is a matter of great pride for all Indians.”

On his first tour, The Prime Minister visited the Indo-pacific country of Papua New Guinea after attending the Group of Seven (G7) summit in Hiroshima, Japan. This was also the first visit by an Indian PM to Papua New Guinea.

At the invitation of the Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, PM Narendra Modi visited Sydney and noted that he utilized every available period efficiently for the benefit of India.

“Remember, it is the land of Buddha, it is the land of Gandhi. We care even for our enemies, we are the people inspired by compassion,” the prime minister underlined.

He criticized critics for voicing their doubts about the choice to donate vaccines to other nations during the Covid-19.

He declared that the international community is eager to hear India’s narrative, urging Indians not to have a “slave mentality” when discussing their remarkable culture and tradition, but instead express with courage.

PM Modi stated that no attack upon India’s sacred sites is tolerable, a sentiment which is echoed internationally.


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