NPP Chief Liezietsu Expresses Hope For 12-15 Seats in Nagaland Polls With 22 Candidates

NPP Chief Liezietsu Expresses Hope For 12-15 Seats in Nagaland Polls With 22 Candidates

On Wednesday, Former Nagaland Chief Minister and Naga People’s Front (NPF) chief Shurhozelie Liezietsu said that the possibility for a post-poll alliance still needs to be announced which party they will support.

While talking to the news agency, Liezietus said, “The upcoming elections are extraordinary. Earlier, only 3-4 parties used to fight, but this time there are 12 political parties. But, ours is the only regional party, the rest are national parties”.

He mentioned that NPF had faced hurdles in this election, and because of that, they are employing 22 candidates out of 60.

“To be frank, we have faced difficulties in this election. Earlier, we used to field all 60 candidates, but this time, at the eleventh hour, many of our candidates defected to other parties. I didn’t get much time to reorganise the party and was able to field only 22 candidates. But I am sure that all 22 pose a winning chance. We are expecting only 12-15 seats,” he said.

He responded to Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s remarks that AFSPA will be removed from Nagaland in 3-4 years by stating that the state of Nagaland is already tranquil.

“The situation in Nagaland is peaceful, and there has not been any violence in the last 6-7 years. Some incidents have happened in neighbouring states, but not here. I don’t know how many years they want to wait for removing AFSPA, but the situation here is normal,” he said.

“I will not comment anything on the ENPO issue, but regarding the Naga problem, I would say that the people of Nagaland are not children. In 2018, BJP promised that they would solve the Naga problem, and they are again promising the same now. The Naga people want peace, and the government should talk with them like man to man,” he said.

NPF’s the only party that reflects the Naga people’s aspirations and identity.

He also added, “NPF is the only political party protecting the rights of the Naga people, their cultures and tradition. We are the only solution, as we represent the identity and aspirations of the Naga people. Naga people need real development, not just on the paper”.


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