Medha Patkar Opposes the Lifeline Narmada Project of Gujarat

Medha Patkar Opposes the Lifeline Narmada Project of Gujarat

It is recently acknowledged by the BJP leader Amit Shah that (AAP) is taking a back-step to the development project of Narmada. It is very bad for the Gujarat to face such leaders who will stopping their own state to growth. Amit Shah on Sunday reposed faith in the people of Gujarat to refuse the anti-dam activist by Medha Patkar’s , the action clearly state the backdoor entry into Gujarat politics.

In the Ahmedabad ,at the function to launch the mascot and anthem for the upcoming National Games Amit shah said, “PM Narendra Modi ensured that Narmada water reached Khavda in Kutch district, without which the development of Gujarat wouldn’t  have been possible. Will you allow a person who opposed the Narmada project, which is our lifeline, for decades? She didn’t lose a single opportunity to defame Gujarat at every possible forum in the world.”

Those who want to bring Medha Patkar, who opposed Gujarat and our lifeline Narmada project and did not let go of any chance to defame Gujarat on every possible forum, should stop here itself. There is no place for those opposing Gujarat,” Shah said.

Patkar joined AAP in 2014 fielded by the AAP from Mumbai’s North East seat in Lok Sabha Elections. She opposed  the Narmada dam project besides it was clearly led by the people of Gujarat to take stand for their justice. It was a long rehabilitation of those displaced by the dam but now it has leaded to a some other party’s rule in Gujarat who support this project for the development and growth of the Gujarat.

So as per the news Shah indirectly says about the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)’s in the conversation for this matter  to open up with the Guajarati’s in order to giving the right guidance for the upcoming future that will take place a major playrole in changing the mindset to the people who still supports the Patkar and hold a chance to get the right leader for their state in upcoming election 2024.

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