Mayor Shelly Oberoi Announces Election Date for MCD Standing Committee Members

Mayor Shelly Oberoi Announces Election Date for MCD Standing Committee Members

On Friday, MCD Mayor Shelly Oberoi declared February 27 as the new date for the Standing Committee election, following chaos on the third day of the Delhi Municipal Corporation election.

“Election of members of the MCD Standing Committee will be held on February 27,” communicated Oberoi amidst sloganeering at the Civic Centre.

Till Monday, February 27, the House has been postponed.

Oberoi asserted that the demands of the BJP conducted the Standing Committee elections, yet they “created a disturbance and attempted to attack.” She thanked the female Civil Defence personnel for protecting her from harm. Furthermore, she accused the BJP of “physically assaulting AAP female members” and urged them to “accept defeat.”

On Friday, Atishi, a leader of the Aam Aadmi Party, claimed that the newly elected mayor, Oberoi, was attacked by a male member of the BJP in the Civic Centre.

She implored the BJP to cease the “hooliganism” occurring in the Civic Centre and to accept their defeat.

While talking to a news agency, Atishi said that the BJP exhibited “goondaism” in the Civic center on the day of a standing committee election. She said that when the election results were being tallied, the BJP realized it was losing and began to cause a disturbance. Furthermore, a male member of the BJP physically assaulted the mayor.

She further stated, “What behaviour is this? This is shameful and condemnable. The country is seeing this. BJP should accept their defeat. I request BJP to stop their goondaism. Those who have attacked the Mayor will be sent behind bars.”

While talking to ANI, Maanu said, “They are so shameless that they attacked even women and the Mayor. BJP goons did this.”

In contrast, Harish Khurana, a leader of the BJP, attributed the disturbance to the Aam Admi Party. He said, “Election officers declare the election and say that votes declared invalid by Mayor are valid and three candidates each of AAP and BJP have won. But AAP does hooliganism here, as instructed by Kejriwal. We won’t tolerate this goondaism and will approach the Court.”

At the Delhi Civic Centre on Friday, there were violent clashes between AAP and BJP councilors, leading to Maanu collapsing.

Amid a highly contentious political atmosphere, the voting process to elect six members of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) was held on Friday at the Civic Center in the national capital.

Before the election, the Delhi MCD House has filled with chants and slogans by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) councilors.


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