Mayawati to Meet Party Members from Delhi, J&K, and Himachal Pradesh

Mayawati to Meet Party Members from Delhi, J&K, and Himachal Pradesh

At a meeting in Delhi of senior BSP functionaries from Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu-Kashmir, and Jharkhand on Sunday, party chief Mayawati made a concerted effort to motivate her party’s cadre in preparation for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. This was announced by the BSP in a statement released afterwards.

Mayawati has expressed concern over the lack of progress towards fostering development, peace, and stability in Jammu-Kashmir, highlighting that news headlines in the region have been largely dominated by reports of corruption and misuse of power, rather than preparations for upcoming assembly elections.

“Even though all political activities there are in a coma, the people of Jammu and Kashmir should lay all their focus on the political developments. The party should be fully prepared, as elections can be held there anytime,” she said.

The Bahujan Samaj Party chief has commented on the Congress’ win in Himachal Pradesh, saying it proves that the public is not resigned to their problems. Mayawati then went on to critique the BSP’s performance and instructed for a rejuvenation of the party in Jharkhand.

The Dalit leader asserted that people had already grown despondent with the Congress and BJP, and now their disappointment has been exacerbated by the AAP government in Delhi.

She bemoaned the fact that citizens are now suffering from increasing inflation, poverty, joblessness, limited access to education, and substandard healthcare while the BJP leadership fails to address these matters.

She remarked that individuals are becoming aware of the hollow promises, incentives, and overreliance on religious doctrine by political groups and that this will eventually alter the nation’s politics and give the BSP a more level playing field in their electoral bids.


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