Mamata Banerjee Stages Overnight ‘Dharna’ to Heighten Political Tensions with Centre

Mamata Banerjee Stages Overnight 'Dharna' to Heighten Political Tensions with Centre

Mamta Banerjee, CM of West Bengal, spent the night in front of the statue of the Dalit icon Dr B.R. Ambedkar on Red Road, in the centre of the city, in the presence of several leaders and workers of TMC. She was bathed in the light of television cameras.

Ms Banerjee, who is organising a two-day sit-in to demonstrate against what she claims is discrimination by the Central Government against her State, called in all political parties in India to join forces against the BJP in the upcoming Lok Sabha election 2024.

The previous stance of staying impartial between the Congress and the ruling right-wing party has been abandoned.

Accompanying the Trinamool Congress leader at the protest site were Firhad Hakim and Aroop Biswas, among other party members.

Kolkata police took extra precautionary steps in and around the venue of the west Bengal CM’s protest due to the presence of high-profile leaders. On Wednesday noon, Ms Banerjee began her demonstration in opposition to the Central Government’s suspension of MGNREGA and other housing and public works department funds to the state.

Ms Banerjee stated, “ I urge every political party in India to unite to oust this ‘Dushasana’ BJP government. ‘This Duryodhana’ BJP should be removed from power to save the country’s common man as well as Indian democracy”.

Banerjee declared that the 2024 Parliamentary elections would be a conflict between the citizens of India and the BJP. She urged people of all religions to join forces in order to prevent the saffron party from winning and safeguard the welfare of the country’s poor. Comparing the BJP to Dushasana and Duryodhana from the Hindu epic Mahabharata, she called upon the people to stand united against the ruling party.

The Calcutta High Court has given the go-ahead for the upcoming panchayat elections in Kolkata, prompting a flurry of political activity in the city. The elections are to take place this summer.

The political atmosphere in the State has become more heated due to the rallies of Abhisek Banerjee, a leader of the TMC and nephew of Ms Banerjee, Suvendu Adhikari of the BJP, and a march organised by the Left-Congress alliance. Additionally, the sit-in has been gathering much attention from the public.


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