Karnataka to Appoint Siddaramaiah as New CM, DKS to Serve as Deputy

Karnataka to Appoint Siddaramaiah as New CM, DKS to Serve as Deputy

Siddaramaiah has been chosen to return as the Chief Minister of Karnataka, with D K Shivakumar, the president of the Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee, taking on the role of Deputy Chief Minister. The decision brings an end to days of speculation over who would lead the state.

After four days of marathon deliberations culminating in a late-night session on Wednesday, the Congress party high command made the decision to capitalize on their 135-seat victory in the 224-seat assembly election.

On Thursday, the Congress Legislature Party (CLP) meeting will be held at 7 pm to officially announce Siddaramaiah as the leader, as he has the support of the majority of newly elected legislators and is the preferred choice of the high command. The oath-taking ceremony is scheduled for Saturday evening.

Siddaramaiah and DKS both expressed their wishes to become chief ministers, creating a dilemma for the party’s high command. The latter chose to delay its decision in order to not antagonize DKS, who had been instrumental in the victory.

Sources have stated that a consensus between both sides will be reached over the coming days through dialogue, which will lead to the distribution of portfolios.

After four days of intense negotiations between Congress leaders, and with the intervention of the party’s high command, a resolution has been reached between Siddaramaiah and DKS and their respective factions. Party President Mallikarjun Kharge is set to officially announce the decision on Thursday.


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