K Kavitha Announces Hunger Strike Involving 18 Political Parties in Delhi

K Kavitha Announces Hunger Strike Involving 18 Political Parties in Delhi

Kavitha announced that the hunger strike would be held in Delhi on March 10 and that 18 political parties have pledged to join the protest to demand the passage of the Women’s Reservation Bill in the current session of Parliament.

BRS leader Kavitha declared that she will face ED questioning without any guilt since she had done nothing wrong. At the news conference, she also declared that a woman has a right to be questioned at her house if interviewed by a central agency.

We released a poster on March 2 about the hunger strike in Delhi over the Women’s Reservation Bill. 18 parties confirmed their participation. ED summoned me on March 9, requesting March 16, but I agreed for March 11.

“So, I requested ED that they can come to my house on 11th March to investigate but they said that I will have to come to them,” the BRS leader said.

Yesterday, Kavitha arrived in Delhi and announced that she will be present before the Enforcement Directorate on 11th March.

In response to certain political agendas masquerading as investigations, BRS MLS issued a series of tweets expressing their opposition.

“As a law-abiding citizen, I’ll fully cooperate with investigating agencies. I will appear at your good offices on March 11,” she had said in a statement.

K Kavitha, a BRS MLC, declared that although she had received a summons from ED to appear in Delhi on March 9th, she would consult legal advice due to the ongoing Dharna and her other pre-arranged appointments.

“I fail to understand as to why I have been summoned at such short notice. It seems that certain political motives have been masquerading in the name of investigation. I categorically say that I have nothing to do with the present investigation,” she had said in a subsequent tweet.

“Being a social worker and having prior commitments, I had already planned my schedule for the upcoming week & the abrupt rejection of my request seems to be motivated by reasons best known to you, which demonstrates that it is nothing but political victimisation,” she had tweeted.

The BRS accused the Government of targeting its leaders to divert attention from its “failure” to fulfil poll promises and asked if the ED was “working under political pressure”.

Reddy claimed that the ED’s action was a “malicious attempt” to discredit the BRS and asserted that the case was baseless and would be challenged in court.


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