India’s ‘Akhand Bharat Map’ Defended by Nepal PM in New Parliament Building

After the visit of Nepal’s Prime Minister, Pushpa Kamal Dahal, to India and holding talks with PM Modi to solve the border issues, Dahal has been criticized by the opposition parties in Nepal. Between all these criticisms, Nepal’s PM Dahal defended the “Akhand Bharat Map” placed in the new Parliament building.

The Oppositions in Nepal, have opposed the map, as the map shows Nepal as part of India’s Ancient landmass. They have also asked the government in Kathmandu to take matters into their hands.

Prachanda, as the Nepal PM is popularly known, addressed the National Assembly and said that he raised the border issues when he visited India and held meetings with PM Narendra Modi and other top officials. He added that the ‘Akhand Bharat Map is not political but just for raising the border issues.

He explained, “We raised the issue of the new Indian map which is placed in Parliament. We have not made a detailed stud but as reported in the media, we raised this issue on a serious note. But in its response, the Indian side said that it was a cultural and historic map and not a political one. This should not be seen as a political way. It needs to be studied. But I have raised it”.

The Opposition parties in Nepal are showing indignation towards Prachanda for his visit to India, also they have accused him of not being productive and successful in his tour. Although he has declined all these accusations.

The Nepal PM also added, “From the 1950s peace and friendship treaty to the boundary row, during my visit to India, we discussed several issues that matter to us. We want to resolve these disputes and differences through the talks and diplomatic means and for that we need trust”. 


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