India will Prosper Only when Politicians Learn to Say ‘no’:Defence Minister

Defense Minister of India, Rajnath Singh
Defense Minister of India, Rajnath Singh

At an event held at Indira Gandhi Pratishthan in Lucknow, the Defense Minister of India, Rajnath Singh was addressing the students and civil servants who have latterly qualified for the UPSC exam. He was on a three-day visit to Lucknow to his parliamentary constituency. There he said that the nation would achieve prosperity when the politicians have learned to say ‘no’ and the bureaucrats will say ‘yes’.

Defence Minister said that a ‘crisis of credibility” has appeared in the politics of India because of the false promises made by the politicians of India, and it has been perceptualized that bureaucrats only subsist to create difficulties for the public.

“Politicians usually never say ‘no’ to any request made to them irrespective of whether it is right or wrong or even the work does not fall under their work area. Due to this people are losing their faith in politicians. And it has created a crisis of credibility in the Indian political system. There should be no difference in words and deeds”, he said.

Singh added, “I request bureaucrats, never develop a credibility crisis and take it as a challenge. I have never made promises in my five decades of a political career, and I just requested blessings”.

He continued by addressing them, “You should build trust among the public and bureaucracy to build a strong nation. You have the capability to change the system. Bureaucrats have changed their image among people. The arrogance of being an IAS should not come to mind”. 

Rajnath Singh described the youth that their role is very vital in making the country a developed nation by 2047. He added, “Today when India speaks, the whole world listens”. Continuing he said, “The Prime Minister is going to America, and America is making preparations to welcome him. It shows the progress of the country”.


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