Good Election Strategists can multiply your chances of victory in elections tenfold. Is it true?

Spare a thought for one who devises a way to victory even on the battlefield where the chances are non-existent and the opposition is formidable. Spare a thought for an Election strategist.

– Shubham Pandey (Political Veteran, The LogSabha)


Election Strategists are the one who works behind the scene but is debated to have the most critical role in election campaigning and success. They are the people skilled in finding the best way to stand out and attract the support of voters in the elections. Some of their duties are:

The above may sometimes seem easy, but data analysis in itself is a very complex task. The involved in this step ranges from the demographics of a city to that of the nation itself and could also include other elements such as party and opposition information, constituency-wise decline reasoning, etc. Therefore, only a team of the most skilled people should be chosen for this responsibility.

Election Strategizing is necessary as it gives a proper understanding of the electoral battlefield and brings forward a set of specifics that could be prioritized or dealt with differently to achieve the most justifiable results. Information such as the problems of people living in a certain locality, their interests, or ethics could be helpful for customizing the campaigning of that area so that people feel connected and are motivated to support the specified party. Without a proper election strategy, a party will seem unprepared and unprofessional to the public which may even result in the diminishing of the public’s trust in them and ultimately a grave loss.


As far as the history of political strategizing goes, this statement is very true. It is because political strategists specialize in communication, problem-solving, observation, and research, each of which can help the party in the following ways:

In conclusion: Good Election Strategists not only multiply the chances of victory in an election tenfold but, without them even having the chances of victory will be nothing but a miracle.

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