Four Naga Groups Ask Government to Resolve Political Crisis

On Tuesday, four Naga organizations, including the Naga Hoho, called on the Central government to uphold its commitments under the Ceasefire Agreement (1997) and the Framework Agreement (2015), mutually agreeing to work toward a resolution of the Naga political dispute.

In a joint statement released by the Naga Hoho, Naga Mother’s Association, Naga Student’s Federation, and Naga Peoples Movement for Human Rights. It has expressed that government should cease its militarization and military operations.

“The Naga political conflict cannot be solved militarily and must be solved politically, as admitted by no less than three Indian Army Generals and others,” they said.

The Naga People are an independent indigenous nation, as evidenced by the peaceful and prior informed Plebiscite conducted in 1951, which resulted in 99.9 percent of people expressing their support for their independent status, as declared on August 14th, 1947.

The National Socialist Council of Nagaland has asserted that the Indian armed forces have been in occupation of their territory since India’s military aggression in 1954.

People are living in a perpetual state of fear and distress, according to the statement. It was further reported that their homes and granaries had been subjected to vandalism and arson.

The armed forces have unlawfully seized control of crop fields, schools, and hospitals and transformed them into camps. Additionally, the churches have been desecrated and repurposed as concentration camps.

The statement asserted that former Secretary General of the United Nations Boutros Boutros Ghali had officially acknowledged the violence, destruction, pain, and untold sufferings of the Nagas.

It has been nearly two years since the political determination and honorable commitment made by the Government of India, yet there remains a lingering uncertainty.


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