Every Vote Can Lead to Revolutionary Change in Democracy

Every Vote Can Lead to Revolutionary Change in Democracy

Voting has been the constitutional right of India’s citizens for over 18 years. It involves the equal participation of the people during elections. But due to a lack of awareness or illiteracy, some people don’t participate in the voting region without knowing the consequences of equivocating the importance of their vote. The absence of one vote can make a wrong leader have control power of the state/country/union territory.

Some of Them Don’t Go to Vote Just Because of Less Knowledge of the EVM (Electoral Voting Machine)

EVM is the machine used for voting purposes during elections. Here are some points to know how it works for the different political parties during elections; basically, it has 3 parts; after we enter the area, we are going to choose a particular leader by voting for a specific party. Firstly, we had a spot of ink on our fingers so that we couldn’t use manipulation in the voting count numbers. Next is EVM, an electronically limiting machine that opens for 5 minutes, based on a security lock, so that the right party will lead the election.

Impacts of Including EVM for Voting in the Elections

Some positive effects are mentioned below of including EVMs in the election campaign:

Here, we conclude the importance of contributing your participation in the voting; it will definitely help to create more histories in the future and will lead print a remarkable impact on the youth.

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