Electoral Politics – Role Player in Bringing Transformation

Electoral Politics – Role Player in Bringing Transformation

Electoral politics refers to the election commission as the federal body of India, which is enacted under the constitution’s provisions, responsible for monitoring and administering all the electoral processes in India. The representation of the people act (RPA) of 1951 provided the first set of rules for the conduction of elections to the Houses of Parliament and State Legislatures. Therefore, it should be practiced under a free and fair deal with the people. In short, there should be no bias regarding gender, caste, color, and religion.

It is the responsibility of the government that they should include all eligible voters on the list of voters. It carries a related keyword EPIC (Election Photo Identity Card); when they go, the list should be updated with the citizen’s active participation. The primary purpose is the decision-making for the leader by public participation.

The overwhelming numbers participate in the process. India’s parliamentary system is based on the legacy of British colonial rule i.e., sometimes called the Westminister model of constitutional democracy. The parliament consists of a bicameral legislature division:

Democratic politics helped bring economic reform, launched in 1991 with the plan of liberalizing the economy and quickening its rate of economic growth in terms of liberalization, globalization, and privatization.

Positive Effects of the Economic Reform Initiated in India

The competition level of the sectors like banking, marketing, and establishing MNCs leads to more competition in the market; also, the story of investment in the Indian market and shares which gradually helps in the economy’s growth, helps in becoming independent and raising standards, thereby.

Introducing economic reforms helps in money supply, thus further indicating the better condition of the finance of the govt. Moreover, trade, tourism, partnership business, and investment in the shares have a significant role in creating connections with foreigners.

It helps maintain a small percentage of interest in the bank so that in a crisis or any other debt insecurity. Because the government mainly had to take a loan from other sources to meet the interest of obligation on these debts. It is also called Debt TRAP.

It is the whole process of bringing a form of modern industrialization economy and the prominent role of electoral politics because it helps in bringing the right political leader, which helps to take our economy in a transforming way.


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