Election Results 2022: BJP Exhibits the 51 Percent of Politics in Gujarat

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After being appointed BJP president for the second time on January 24, 2016, Amit Shah shared his thoughts that his party will have to devise a “51 percent politics” strategy to defeat electoral forces. The new Union home minister said six years ago that the central point of politics had shifted from Congress to BJP. It will be “BJP versus all” or “Narendra Modi versus all” in the future, akin to “Congress versus all” or “Indira Gandhi versus all” of the past as adversaries will join hands for political survival.

The Gujarat Assembly election result where BJP managed a mammoth first-time 52.5 percent vote share even after ruling the state for six consecutive terms is the ambitious mandate that BJP leadership led by charismatic Prime Minister Narendra Modi and workaholic Amit Shah were working for.

The electoral result shows how astute politics and hard work by the highly efficient party machinery can be synergized to deliver beyond the percent cent” mandate.

While the Congress has won the Himachal Pradesh Assembly election and the AAP has won the MCD local elections in Delhi, the BJP vote share in the hill state is just 0.9 percent below the winning party, and the party has added one more percent vote in the Delhi municipal elections and gave a tough fight to the winner despite carrying anti-incumbency of past 15 years.

The election results indicate that the BJP leadership has not allowed the party to be jaded in Gujarat by infusing fresh political blood, new jobs, and state pride-linked initiatives while keeping law and order under control. The belief that PM Modi can do nothing wrong for Gujarat, backed by well-oiled party machinery, has given yet another ruling mandate to the party with an overwhelming vote share.

The electoral wins in Rampur Assembly bye-elections, a bastion of Samajwadi Party’s Azam Khan, and in Kurhani Assembly seat bye-elections in Bihar, where all parties ganged up against the BJP, show that the right-wing conservative party is relentlessly working 24 X 7 and 365 days a year.

Although municipal elections are no match for Assembly or Parliament elections, the BJP pushed all its big guns on the ground from party President J P Nadda and senior Cabinet ministers to ensure that the party’s vote share went up by one percent and stood up to the ruling AAP party with its freebies for its voters.

On Thursday evening, after winning Gujarat hands down, PM Modi addressed jubilant party workers, where he cautioned against political adversaries and their force multipliers. He also gave party supporters the vision of “Developed India” by 2047. This future challenge caters to aspirational India and throws the political gauntlet at BJP’s adversaries to develop a better objective for the youth who will vote in 2024.


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