Election Commission Showcases Remote EVM for Migrant Workers

Election Commission Showcases Remote EVM for Migrant Workers

The Election Commission of India (ECI) demonstrated the prototype of the remote electronic voting machine (EVM) to be used by migrant workers to the representatives of various political parties.

When announcing the decision to bring out the machine, the poll panel said, “Migration-based disenfranchisement is indeed not an option in the age of technological advancement. The voter turnout in General Elections 2019 was 67.4%, and the Election Commission of India is concerned about the issue of over 30 crore electors not exercising their franchise and also differential voter turnout in various states/UTs.”

The EC said that the machine will cater to the voting requirements for multiple constituencies from a single remote polling booth.

“It is understood that there are multifarious reasons for a voter not opting to register in a new place of residence, thus missing out on exercising the right to vote. Inability to vote due to internal migration (domestic migrants) is one of the prominent reasons to be addressed to improve voter turnout and ensure participative elections,” the EC further said.


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