EAM Jaishankar says: Rahul Gandhi Has a Habit of Criticising India Abroad

EAM Jaishankar says: Rahul Gandhi Has a Habit of Criticising India Abroad

External Affairs Minister of India, S Jaishankar criticized Rahul Gandhi for his habit of criticizing India abroad and taking the internal matters of our country to the outside world, as not favorable.  He said, “The world is watching us” referring to Rahul Gandhi’s previous remarks made at a US event.

Replying to a question, Jaishankar said, “Rahul Gandhi has a habit of criticizing India abroad. I don’t think taking national politics out of the country is in the national interest”.

Currently, on a visit to the US, Rahul Gandhi has criticized the Indian government for many issues. Gandhi said at an event that PM Modi is trying to drive the Indian car by only looking in the rear-view mirror which leads to “one accident after another”.

He has slammed Gandhi during various events recently. The Minister accused the Congress leader saying that he has a habit of criticizing India and commenting on internal politics whenever he travels outside of the country.

He also added, “The world the watching, and what are they seeing? Elections are held. Sometimes one party wins, and at other times, another party wins. If there is no democracy in the country, such a change wouldn’t be happening. Every election would have had the same result. But we know what the result of the 2024 election will be”.

Jaishankar continued, “I had no objection to whatever he does within the country, but I don’t think the country’s politics abroad is in the national interest”. 

Through Gandhi’s addressing words for the Indian diaspora, at the US event recently, he announced that there was an attack on our country’s democratic structures. He claimed, “Full-scale attack on our institutions, our judiciary, on our media, and it is your responsibility and our responsibility to defend the idea of India”.

Jaishankar said that India is seen as a trusted collaborator and player with an independent position at this time, and after nine years of the Modi government in power, India has become more secure by gaining the trust of millions of Indians living and working abroad.


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