Does Voting Make Any Difference? Know Why Voting is Important

Does Voting Make Any Difference

India is a democratic country where Voting is an integral part of participating in society. Many people in our country can vote, but few participate. During the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the voter turnout was 67.11%, the highest in India’s history. Every election has witnessed an increase in voter turnout, and this is a welcome development since each vote matters to the future of our country.

In this blog, we’ll discover why Voting is essential for the nation and also discuss the voting process, which is crucial for you to know.

Importance of Voting

A voter’s responsibility to vote responsibly is one of the strongest pillars of democracy. However, Voting is not made compulsory by the government. Still, it is the moral duty of the citizens of the country to step up and come forward and carry out the task voluntarily. Mentioned below are some pointers that show how Voting is vital for the country’s development.

  1. Source of change– Voting is the most crucial tool to register citizens’ voices. The mandate or collective voice of the citizens can be the loudest voice for change and development. It has been proven before on several events and occasions that they are well capable of bringing much-needed change in the country.
  2. Pride in honoring the nation– The right to vote is connected with a sense of pride, especially with first-time or young voters. Voting is also a virtuous way of honoring the forefathers who have made countless sacrifices to achieve freedom for the nation. The Election Commission of India also has started to promote voter awareness and implant the need and importance of Voting across the country.
  3. NOTA- It stands for None of the Above, and it’s an essential vote of individuals who aren’t satisfied with any candidates. NOTA voting describes that none of the candidates are suitable. These votes are counted, but if the majority are NOTA votes, the party with the next largest majority will be selected.
  4. Significance of each and every vote– There are so many people doesn’t register themselves for Voting because they think that their vote won’t make any difference. However, we often forget that even one vote can make a difference between the strong and weak heads of the state, capable of choosing the proper government for development.

The following section will tell you how to vote in India step-by-step, and we think this guide may be beneficial for first-time voters.

Voting Process in India

India’s federal government is elected by citizens through national elections. Indian federal elections are held every five years and are open to voters of age 18 or older. Here listed are some of the steps to explain how to vote.

Part 1- Requirements to vote in India

Part 2- Registering to vote in India

Part 3- Casting your vote

If you are planning to vote in the upcoming elections and want to make sure your family and friends are too, use the information we’ve mentioned to help initiate a caring, fruitful, and uplifting conversation on the importance of Voting and then encourage them to vote early.


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