BRS Head Dasoju Sravan: BJP Party Has Become Intellectually Insolvent

BRS Head Dasoju Sravan

In response to BJP Telangana Chief Bandi Sanjay’s criticism of the K Chandrashekhar Rao government over farmers’ deaths, BRS leader Dasoju Sravan declared that the BJP has become “intellectually bankrupt” and is unable to appreciate the progress made by the state government.

Sravan denounced the BJP party leaders, accusing them of taking advantage of the political situation in Telangana to promulgate deceitful falsehoods.

On Saturday, while talking to some news agency, Sravan said, “BJP leaders are known for making baseless allegations, propagating utter lies, and enjoying the political plight in Telangana. Data speaks for what has been done in Telangana for the last 9 years. Open your eyes and look at the data. Almost 3.3 lakh crores of investment have come into Telangana through various industries including pharma, IT, Non-IT, and other companies. 23 lakhs job opportunity was provided for the youth of Telangana and across the country. The BJP has become intellectually bankrupt and thus can’t see the true developments in Telangana”.

He additionally mocked the BJP for inquiring about the deaths of farmers in the state.
“You are from the same party that is responsible for the death of hundreds of farmers, who were agitating against the 3 farm laws in Delhi. Now, you have the audacity to talk about the farmer’s welfare. Telangana is the first in the country to provide Rythu Bandu, giving Rs 10,000 per acre to every farmer. We are also giving Rythu Beema, which is the insurance to the farmers, and free power for 24 hours,” the BRS leader further said.

He further stated that due to the KCR government, Telangana has become a leading state in agricultural production in the nation.

BJP leaders should open their eyes and understand the reality instead of spreading false rumors.

He also alleged that the Narendra Modi government, which is ruling the Centre, has not fulfilled the promises it had made.

“What is the unemployment ratio in Telangana today? You better stop spreading false lies and misinterpreting the facts. Spreading misinformation is a crime,” Sravan further added.

On Friday, Telangana BJP State President Bandi Sanjay paid a visit to the home of a deceased farmer in Adloor Yellareddy village, Kamareddy. Sanjay blamed the government for the farmer’s suicide.

Bandi expressed outrage at the government’s plan to create an Industrial zone on more than 2,500 acres of land in around 8 villages without even consulting the local people. He noted that this had been in the works for a few years, with certain leaders manipulating the master plan to increase the value of their own lands. Bandi remarked that had the farmers not raised their voices, and the government would have been able to get away with it.


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