BJP Open to New Union Introducing Fresh Power into NDA

BJP Open to New Union Introducing Fresh Power into NDA

The BJP plans to include new energy into the NDA (National Democratic Alliance) when many opposition leaders are trying to reinforce a union before the 2024 Lok Sabha Elections. As a plan of this approach, the BJP and its former members are trying to unsophisticate the tense relations between them.

In the past nine years, twenty-five years after it was formed, the NDA emerged to be inessential with perhaps just one meeting with the partners during this phase of time. However, the leaders of the BJP do discuss and brief their members about the candidates for president and vice-president elections and conduct meetings with their council of both houses amidst Parliament sessions.

Sources stated that there are talks of the BJP summoning an NDA meeting. Currently, BJP is reconsidering its scheme and exploring its contracts with new allies in different states.

The BJP President JP Nadda, also attended the Sunday night meeting between Union Home Minister Amit Shah and TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu, at the latter’s lodgings. This was one such effort, among the various developments made lately.

PM Modi’s latest visit followed by Nadda and Amit Shah to Chandigarh to pay homage to the decease of SAD originator Prakash Singh Badal, clearly points at the efforts being made to BJP’s former allies.

Both TDP and SAD had moved out of the NDA government at the Centre, led by the BJP, after they faced defeats in their corresponding states of Andhra Pradesh and Punjab. Although these parties stood with the BJP at crucial unions such as supporting President Droupadi Murmu’s candidature and attending the foundation of the new Parliament building.

BJP MP CM Ramesh from Andhra Pradesh, in the Sunday meeting between Naidu and Shah, said it would be good for both the parties (BJP and TDP), to come and work together.

Ramesh stated, “BJP already is in alliance with Jan Sena and if TDP also becomes part of this alliance, then these three parties together can sweep in 2024 in the state”. He recommended, “The party is keen to have an alliance with BJP and has been sending feelers”.


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