‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’ Is Above Politics and not Aimed at Garnering Votes, says Congress

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Congress leader and General Secretary in-charge communications Jairam Ramesh said that Bharat Jodo Yatra is not connected with any vote bank on Tuesday. And he also mentioned that its impact will be visible in the elections of Lok Sabha 2024.

Ramesh further said that this yatra is of a political party and includes political topics stating that it is not to garner votes. Meanwhile, the Bharat Jodo Yatra reached its 66th day on Monday.

“The Yatra will promote togetherness, and it has connected our party. Its effects, if any, would show up during the 2024 elections. This Yatra is promoting door-to-door contact, which we had forgotten. We had forgotten as we were in power, but we are remembering it with this Yatra now,” he added.

The Yatra, which began on September 7 from Kanyakumari, will cover a further distance of 2,355 km as part of its 3,570 km march. It will end in Kashmir next year. It is the longest march on foot by any Indian politician in the history of India, the Congress had claimed earlier in a statement.

Earlier on Monday, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi accused the Bharatiya Janata Party of diverting public attention by ignoring the farmers’ issues, saying, “we want ‘Made in India’, not of ‘Made in China.” The Congress MP further accused the BJP government of not compensating farmers even after promising to do so. He also accused the government of having a ‘Two in Government and Two in Market’ system.

Gandhi labeled the Centre’s ‘Agnipath’ scheme for the recruitment of soldiers as “useless,” saying that India could not fight China like this. On Monday, the congress appointed zonal and Lok Sabha constituency-wise observers for the upcoming Gujarat assembly polls. Elections for the 182-member state assembly will be held in two phases on December 1 and 5. The counting of votes will be taken up on December 8.


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