About Us

A Political Strategist is one who has morphed from a clever tactician, masterminding

short-term partisan hits, to a thoughtful political strategist, with a long-term vision for the




“Let us sacrifice our today so that our children can have a better tomorrow.”
— A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Such was the desire in our hearts 12 years ago which still exists strongly. This idea influenced us to start our journey as political strategists. Politics is a niche that affects every sector of India, whether it be the economy, community, or entertainment. We started in 2010 in union with some of the very talented brains of the industry.

Our first practical achievement was made in the 2012 Punjab Assembly Elections when we successfully depicted and supported Shri Narendra Modi as we believe that he is a man of potential and could change the world around. Followed by this victory, the union between us and the renowned organization for political assistance begin to be officially known as the “success makers of the century”. We weren’t even done celebrating when we realized that the General Elections of 2014 are just around the corner and this is where the miracle began.

Our strategies are made after proper analysis of various factors that could happen on the battlefield of politics therefore, we are always ready for anything. Such preparation and expertise are visible to all the audience as the 2014 elections resulted in a massive victory for the BJP. Just after the victory, we were challenged by another election, that

being, the 2015 Bihar Assembly Election which at this point was not even a challenge and ended in a huge bang with the victory of Nitish Kumar as a Chief Minister of Bihar.

At this point, everything was going amazing between our conjunction and the results were just outstanding, but then, the Punjab Assembly Elections of 2017 brought a ton of discrepancies as our principles didn’t match and they gave their word to assist a leftist party. For us, being anti-national or anti-Indian was out of the question, yet at this point, we couldn’t back out. Therefore, we invested ourselves in the implementation of an effective strategy scoring the feat once again. But, though we won, we separated from them to form an independent entity as we observed their ideals were getting controverting to our beliefs.

1st January 2018 is a day, still engraved in our memory as on this date our team first came together under the umbrella of THE LOG SABHA with the sole objective to provide services for complete political excellence. We currently have leading experts in analysis, strategy building, and marketing from all around the industry. We have displayed a show of our skills in the 2019 General Assembly Elections and 2022 State Assembly Elections by supporting BJP, the effects of which are visible in the overall country for the prior and in the states of U.P., Goa, and Uttarakhand for the latter.

Currently, we aim to achieve the title of “Unmatched Political Strategist” by the end of the upcoming General Assembly Elections of 2024 and continually support nationalist parties. We have already started the preparations and at this rate, we believe that our strategy will create a considerable bang across the country.



Results for Punjab Assembly Elections (2012) were declared, headlining the victory of our confrere.



Our General Elections (2014) strategies were proven to be efficient, securing a fantastic win for our cohort.



Our political personality promotion again bears fruit with the results of the Bihar Assembly Elections (2015).



On this beautiful day, our efforts in political campaigning for the Punjab Assembly Elections (2017) paid off.



We once again proved our expertise with our unparalleled Analytics & Promotional Line-up under a new name.



With the results for Assembly Elections in 5 states, we again proved our services’ efficacy.